How to Raise Venture Capital

Accelerator Workshop

£160 per attendee

This is a two half-day intensive online Accelerator Workshop designed for UK tech entrepreneurs looking to raise Pre-seed, Seed or Series A Venture Capital. It is an interactive workshop with a maximum of 15 start-ups in each cohort.

Format: Online Course + Workshop
Duration: Two morning sessions (10am - 1pm)
Maximum Attendees: 15 attendees


Course Content 

Gary Smith

Gary Smith will provide the workshop and will be your mentor throughout the two-days. He is a specialist in early stage Venture Funding and Scale-up - Successfully raised over £50 million in venture capital (IPO, VC, Angel, Crowd).

Gary has a proven track-record building high-growth software businesses from start-up through scale-up to IPO and £30 million in revenue.

As a board level business leader and coach he is able to accelerate the fortunes of a business, drive sales and substantially improve shareholder value. 

Day One

Your Funding Strategy

  • What do Investors want?
  • What don't they want?
  • How much to Raise?
  • When do you need it?

Pitch & Pitch Deck

  • What is the purpose of the Pitch?
  • The Pitch Deck
  • Pitch practice

Day Two

Investors & Valuation

  • Venture Capital or Angel?
  • Tax Incentives
  • How to set your Valuation

Investment Docs

  • Documents need to prepare in advance of meeting investors?
  • Preparation is crucial!

Campaign Plan

  • Tactics
  • Where are the Investors?
  • Lawyers
  • Closing the deal


Lynn Davis

Gareth Eggle
Founder - InShare SMART Risk

I had the pleasure of taking part in the Catalyst inaugural Entrepreneur Boot Camp, for which Gary was a mentor and content provider. Gary and the team went to great lengths to support myself and entrepreneurs from a range of sectors, and were able to guide us toward delivering crystallised and concise visions of our respective businesses. His advice generally on the challenges facing a start-up founder was excellent, and I would thoroughly recommend Gary to any prospective entrepreneur seeking guidance.

Carl Young

S.S Hussain
Founder - Sacrina

I met Gary through a mutual connection while I was researching and planning for our seed funding round. Gary has been a great adviser and mentor since then providing me regular advice and feedback on business and investment plans. He has a great amount of experience and knowledge in the field and has been very helpful. I highly recommend him. 

Cassie Smith

Peter Ambrose
Founder - The Partnership

Gary was truly an inspirational leader and I was delighted to work in his team. Having worked for many international companies, often within the European operation of them, Gary was the first person to demonstrate how to add value and demonstrate authority to a much larger organisation despite working with a small team and under very tight cost constraints.